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With so much cute Valentine’s Day merchandise in stores, you would think there would not be any more. Well, if that’s what you thought, then you would be wrong because Proenza Schouler has joined the ranks of other lovesick designers. More »

You know how to dress for your daytime date, but now you have no idea what to wear in the evening. I’m back with more outfits that will suit any style or theme. Go ahead, you may just find an outfit that perfectly fits what you had in mind. More »

Valentine’s Day is great for multiple reasons (yes, even if you’re single), but one of the best parts of the day is that you can go semi-crazy with your style for one day of the year. You can wear all the pinks and reds that your heart desires, and not have to worry about it: it’s a day for your heart! Check out 8 outfits that might inspire your clothing choice on the day of love. More »

A lot of the big time companies are releasing special Valentine edition collections, and Prada refuses to be left out! More »

The Target x Josie Natori Valentine’s Day Collection has just arrived! The latest addition covers a wide variety of sweet and pretty lingerie. Be sure to check out photos from the Valentine’s Day installment below! More »

From Ningin: Mixr love has no expiration date but our Falling in Love with Mixr giveaways do. Luckily, there’s still time for you to enter all of these awesome giveaways: More »

From Girlybubble: Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but we’re still willing to prove that our love for you is way beyond holidays. So much so, that we’re giving away one Simmons Jewelry Co. Crystal Hello Kitty iPhone case (3G/3GS)! More »

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