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Practical footwear choices were not in that cards for Carrie Bradshaw, and consequently Sarah Jessica Parker, to become a household name, but all those hours in iconic pairs of Manolos eventually did a number on the actress’s delicate feet. More »

Ever notice how women or girls your age walk in heels? Or the way you move your own body to balance yourself with poise as you walk down hallways in stilettos? Heels add height, but apparently they make one seem more attractive, according to a recent study. More »

High heels can be deemed as a girl’s best friend. It lengthens a female’s leg and gives the minority the much needed height boast (me!). Though, it many cases, wearing heels can act as a primary factor that threatens the well being of many individuals. More »

Not a model? So what! Show off your high heels at one of the most convenient runways; found at your local gym. When you think of high heels and runways, an automatic thought is a fashion show, where models are high tailing their way down the stage (AKA runway) with the latest designer shoes and clothing. This woman didn’t have the luxury of strutting her heels down that type of run way, so she settled for the next best thing. More »

Here’s a bit of bizarre fashion news for you: a medical technology company teamed up with a German advertising agency to make this x-ray pin-up calendar. More »

We’ve all done it. Bought a pair of shoes made out of a luxurious but easily damaged material like satin or leather. We probably paid too much for said shoes as well, but that’s another story. One of the first places to show wear on a pair of shoes is on the toe — think about how many times you drag your feet slightly and catch the toe. My solution is simple: toe taps! More »

Suri Cruise sort of creeps me out. Ever since she joined us three years ago, there has always been something a bit unnerving about those big blue eyes. Maybe it isn’t really her, but rather the knowledge that she’ll inevitably grow up a little strange given her family background. She’s been called out for her impeccable fashion sense before, but now it’s just getting a little ridiculous — Us Weekly reported this week that she is carrying an $850 Ferragamo purse. More »

At the recent Hong Kong Fashion Week, designer Guo Pei debuted their winter shoe collection’s outrageously high heels that caught the attention of well, everyone. Meant more to be works of art, these shoes seem to be on the heels of an architectural, dangerously high heel trend revival started by Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection and recently popularized by my queen, Lady Gaga. More »

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