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Lady Gaga’s style is so couture fabulous, it’s hard to imagine which came first — the Lady Gaga or the Gaultier? Given Lady Gaga’s wide presence in the media, it’s kinda hard to figure out if couture houses had Lady Gaga in mind or if Lady Gaga had couture in mind when creating specific ensembles. Couture week proved some examples of this situation. Here are 7 couture looks that are Lady Gaga-worthy: More »

The spring 2010 haute couture Paris fashion week is in full swing and that means one thing and one thing alone — more haute couture works of art for us to die over. Die, as in the Rachel Zoe kind of death. For those not familiar with haute couture and how it’s different from ready-to-wear fashion, just know that haute couture fashion is more elaborate in process and materials and super custom-fitted. Meaning, you can’t just waltz into a fashion house and grab an haute couture piece off the rack. Your dress has to be fitted and it has to fit you perfectly. I mean, with the kind of money you’d be forking over — why not? Haute couture is only worn by a small, micro-sized group of people in this world. Fortunately, that doesn’t stop me from showing you my faves of this season! More »

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