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A few days ago, Girlybubble dished on Katy Perry’s outrageous LED-studded Met Gala gown. It turns out that you can actually purchase other LED clothing items from the same designer, and they aren’t terribly expensive. More »

This week, legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta told The Wall Street Journal that he thinks couture is no longer relevant. It makes sense that he would say this — in a society where we are constantly striving for better quality items for less money, spending a lot on custom-made clothing just isn’t possible for most people. More »

Lady Gaga’s style is so couture fabulous, it’s hard to imagine which came first — the Lady Gaga or the Gaultier? Given Lady Gaga’s wide presence in the media, it’s kinda hard to figure out if couture houses had Lady Gaga in mind or if Lady Gaga had couture in mind when creating specific ensembles. Couture week proved some examples of this situation. Here are 7 couture looks that are Lady Gaga-worthy: More »

The couture shows have been happening this week in Paris, which means that I’ve been drooling over them all week. What I wouldn’t give to be there taking in the couture and eating copious amounts of opèra pastries! Ah, well, that’s what the internet is for, right? Some fashion writers have been a little bit critical of the collections, but one that seems to be popular with everyone is Chanel. More »

Sad news. My favorite high-fashion model and G-Dragon entourage friend, Daul Kim, was found dead in her apartment in Paris this morning. According to NYMag, the cause of death is unknown, but there’s reason to believe that she committed suicide. At only 20 years old, she’s had quite a whirlwind of a modeling career in an industry that can be unforgiving to diversity. From the runways of Chanel to Prada, she held it down for Asian women. I’ve nothing but respect for Daul Kim. More »

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