Sunglasses are a huge part of summer. I highly doubt anyone can actually go outside for a walk in the sun without them because the rays are pretty damaging to your eyes, and you would be walking blindly. Of course, good looking sunglasses don’t always come cheap–especially those Ray Bans that you usually want. However, these ones do!

F7944 Square Glasses (Forever 21) - $5.80
Featuring a solid black frame with floral patterns on the inside, this pair of sunglasses will definitely protect a huge part of your face, while having that classic sunglasses look.

KASUN (ALDO) - $12
Although a bit more expensive than the last pair we saw, I find that this pair is well worth the price. I really like the coiled detailing at the side of the frame and the simple netural pink that these shades provide as it would be easy to pair it with basically any outfit!

Xhilaration® Flat Top Sunglasses - Pink (Target) - $12.99
If you’re up for that neon trend that’s super popular this season, why not pick up this pair that will surely draw some attention to yourself?

Pixel Frame Sunglasses (Go Jane) - $3.90
Love pixelated things? Well, why not rock some of those pixels in a stylish form? With quite a wallet friendly price, you can’t go wrong!

Leopard Bow and Whiskers Sunglasses (Go Jane) - $5
First things first—HELLO KITTY! Next off, leopard print! Combining both of these into a pair of glasses that is only $5 seems to be well worth it!

SANCEDO (Call it Spring) - $12
If this doesn’t remind you of the beach, then I don’t know what does! For $12, you get a nice mixture of blue and orange. Plus, this frame is pretty flattering on a lot of face structures.

Black Heart Sunglasses (Hot Topic) - $10
Love hearts but don’t like that boring square, oval or circle frame that sunglasses usually come in? Why not try a pair of heart shades? These protect you from the sun, and protect your wallet from protesting.

Ace Aviator Shades (Claire’s) - $10.50
Of course, we can’t forget about the classic look that has been on the rise lately–aviator shades! Although we mostly don’t see pink ones, I felt like this pair was undoubtly cute and cheap!

Glamorama Shades (Claire’s) - $12.50
Once again, we have your classic black rimmed sunglasses, but this time, some rhinestones to add a little bit more glamour, but not a lot of money. I really like how simple the rhinestone design is! Plus side–if you like leopard print, there’s some in the inner rim!

AE Floral Icon Sunglasses (American Eagle Outfitters) - $15.33
Of course, one cannot forget the floral trend that has been going around! With a pretty floral decor, although this one is the most expensive out of all the ones that has been shown, it’s definitely got a lot of potential as a summer statement piece!

Which one of these affordable shades is your favourite?

This blog post is part of the 2012 Summer Hot List Special.