Singer-turned-actor Lenny Kravitz, who recently played the role of Cinna in The Hunger Games, has recently designed a new line of shoes for TOMS.

He became involved with the brand because of his daughter, Zoë Kravitz, a longtime fan of the company. TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie commented, “The thing a lot of people don’t know about Lenny isn’t just his amazing personal taste in fashion and style, but he also designs wallpaper and furniture, and he sees a bigger picture.

Kravitz’s new collection consists of several different styles, including prints, as well as a design inspired by lyrics from Kravitz’s song “Let Love Rule.”

They remind me a little of the shoes my mom would wear in the ’70s,” Kravitz expressed. He hopes to join Mycoskie on a TOMS ’shoe drop’ in Brazil or the Bahamas this summer, just as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who designed TOMS of their own, did last year.