Karl Lagerfeld was featured on Harper’s Bazaar latest “My List,” where he revealed the details of 24 hours of his life.

The daily life of the designer was as insane as you might have expected. For starters, he will not wake up — even if his house was falling apart — until he has slept for seven hours, and only seven hours. He begins his day with a Diet Coke and ends the day with one as well, taking in about 10 cans a day.

His hair is actually a grayish color, but he uses Klorane dry shampoo to make it white. His current “uniform”, or daily outfit, consists of a special jacket with tails made by Dior and a pair of dark gray jeans with his face on the back. He rotates his jacket with another one from the new Dior men’s collection, which he bought five of. He does all his sketches and work in the mornings, evenings, and during the weekends at one of his two houses. His second house, which is two-and-a-half meters away, is the house in which he eats lunch and dinner, and also where he meets people.

Check out some photos of Lagerfeld’s place below and you can read the full 24 hours of his life here.

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wah, he’s soo busy! with two houses, too! xD
but lookie, his adorable kitty! x)

wow he sure owns a lot of stuff xD but his cat is very cute~

wow, he has two houses right next to each other?
he sounds super busy!
his kitty cat is adorable~~ :D

the kitty in the last pic is soo cute!

Wow, so hectic. Hey, I drink Diet Coke to keep myself awake too.. caffeine. XD


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