London College of Fashion MA student, Nange Magro, has designed a dress which lights up and can even open just like a pretty flower according to how much your brain is concentrating. The electroencephalographic chip is able to read signals that are obtained via the sensors in the hat of the dress. So just how much do you have to concentrate for the effect to show?

Magro says, “It does take a little bit of practice to be aware and control it. Through my early testing on the electronic part of the project, I have found out that at the start, for some people helps to concentrate on maths calculations and for others it is useful concentrating on visualising a picture, but the method which seems to help the most is reading.

All in all, I think it’s a pretty nifty dress with a wonderfully unique element. I’d imagine it wouldn’t be a cheap design but I wonder who would actually wear it - the fact that it opens up may deter some but then again, the color changing aspect is a big point of interest. What do you think of the dress?

For more information on Nange, head over to her website.