Christian Louboutin has been deemed as the shoe king. It is practically in every girl’s dream to own a pair of some of the most gorgeous shoes from their product mix. Though it seems they are planning to expand their range with a different approach, as Christian Louboutin unveils its latest collection of handbags - The Capsule Collection.

After a glorious 20 years of manufacturing and designing shoes, it has been noted that Christian Louboutin has designed some “jaw-dropping handbags”, that all have that chic yet flamboyant statement. And with it’s latest range, it is no surprise that Christian Louboutin has also taken this approach with its super fun “Pilule” bag, which is in the shape of an actual capsule (for those who didn’t realize).

Mirroring the prescription pill, the handbag has a blue and white color scheme stamped with a ‘500mg’. Attached to the bag is a crossbody sliver chain, allowing the owner to wear the bag in any way they desire.

This design is actually quite hilarious as this is an exact replica of a capsule. Though, I don’t know whether this will be a hit or not! What do you think?