There is a rumor lurking that the wedding dress for Bella Swan in the Twilight movies wedding dress is to be designed by Zac Posen! Since the dress in the book is described as ‘Stepped out of an Austen Movie,” Zac Posen is the perfect pick with his elegant and vintage dresses.

Kristen Stewart said to MTV, “It’s such a big decision. I have a little hand in having a decision -or having an opinion more - but I think it’s pretty much up to Stephenie Meyer.” Zac Posen most recently created Coco Rocha’s fairytale gown, and isn’t it amazing? It reminds me of a perfect princess dress!

A lot of fans are looking forward to this wedding, which is in the fourth title “Breaking Dawn.” Do you think this designer will be able to create the perfect wedding dress for Bella Swan for her wedding with Edward Cullen?