Do you live in or near New York City? If so, you could have access to the upcoming Zac Posen for Target collection a full 10 days in advance! How? By showing up at the 24-hour shopping party that Target is throwing in celebration of the launch!

Sometimes I wish that we had a Target store in Manhattan, but with all of the publicity and sales that they are making off of giving New Yorkers these exclusive shopping days, I don’t see why they’d want to open a branch here. It would ruin the allure of it all for the jaded city dwellers.

The party falls conveniently on a Thursday and Friday (AKA, pay days. Don’t think you’re fooling anyone, Target!) at 481 8th Avenue from April 15th at 11pm to the 16th at 11pm. I’m sure it will be an absolute mob scene.

As always, I’m skeptical about Designer for Target collections until I see them in person, but I’m most looking forward to the maxi dress pictured above. Unfortunately, I feel as though this collection is a bit on the expensive side — the dress might be cute, but it retails at $79.99!

If you can’t shop the collection in NYC, it hits select Target stores on April 25th.