Bags are one of the best accessories that you can add to an outfit — they can add a touch of class, a pop of color or a bit of personality to your ensemble! But at what point does your purse go from a “bag” to “baggage”?

I’m an absolute pack rat when it comes to my bag. For some reason, I feel like I need to have plenty of things on hand when I leave the house. My purses usually contain a few lip products, keys, a compact, my planner, a reading book or a magazine, sunglasses, wallet, tissues, digital camera… you get the point. I’m not sure why I feel that I need all of these things, but I obviously do. Once when I got a massage, the masseuse could tell instantly which shoulder I carry my bag on!

How do you pack when you leave the house — minimally or as if you might not return home for a few days?

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depends on where i am going - haha sometimes it’s like i have enough for any situation and then other days, it’s the bare minimum :D

I think Jinra makes a good point about driving and public transport. I’m a city girl who uses public transit. I tend to carry more like a small book, notebook, or mp3 player to occupy myself with while waiting for the bus and, to be truthful, to avoid having creepers talk to me.

^Same here^.^
I usually don’t carry one.

i hardly ever carry a purse, the only time that i do is when i have to lugg around my dslr, otherwise i just put my wallet in my right pocket and my keys in my left XD

Not very much…

I definitely carry too much. My motto is to always be prepared like Mary Poppins and carry EVERYTHING in your purse.

I don’t carry a whole lot — the most I’ve carried was when I was in NYC. I was hardly near where I was staying plus, I found myself always having to bring smething to occupy me on the trains. In Cali, I’m too focused on driving and I have my car to act as a second purse, haha.


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