The fashion world can get a little stuffy at times, so it is always refreshing to find someone who brings some humor and generosity back into it. For a long time now, I’ve been following The Uniform Project, a fashion website that gives back. The owner of the site, Sheena Matheiken, wanted to raise awareness about sustainable dressing, so she had a friend make 7 identical simple black dresses, and she vowed to wear them a different way each day for a year. That’s right, 365 days of the same dress!

I can imagine that this has been no small feat for her — styling the same dress in ways that are fresh and appealing to readers each and every day! In exchange for this entertainment, she has asked that people donate what they can to benefit the Akanksha Foundation, a charity that helps to pay the cost of school books and uniforms for children from the slums of India.

Sheena was raised in India, where school uniforms are required in most public schools, hence the name and idea behind the project. You can follow her for the last month or so that she has left to go, and check out the archives of all her past outfits. Take some hints about accessorizing from this stylish lady, because she truly demonstrates how the way you wear something can make an entirely different outfit!

Photo: The Uniform Project