I wrote a few weeks ago about how much I was looking forward to the Jean Paul Gaultier collection for Target, but today revealed the truth: it’s not worth the money. Not even close! I took a trip to Target this morning, and found that everything seemed overly polyester and cheap-looking.

I was after two items in particular: the navy striped trench coat and the pink floral dress. My store didn’t have one trench coat, so I can’t speak for how it looks in person, but the dress was atrocious. In the promo photos it looks like an easy-wearing cotton dress, but in person it’s stiff and sort of tacky. I wouldn’t even bother with the rest of the collection either — everything seemed equally low-quality.

I sometimes wish that Target would figure out what they are doing with these designer collections — they sign designers that people in their 20s and maybe even 30s would love to wear, and then they execute some of them in such a Juniors Department way. When the McQ collection came out last year, there were some really nice pieces, but the Juniors sizing made it impossible for anyone over the age of 12 to find their size easily.

The Zac Posen for Target collection comes out on April 25th, so hopefully this next one will be better!