Last week, The New York Times did a piece on Zac Posen’s financial struggle this past year, and his refusal to do just anything to boost his publicity. Zac is a fantastic designer, but last year was tough on a lot of people and he had to cut some of his top executives to make ends meet.

The article talks about a somewhat ballsy confrontation that Zac had with Harper’s Bazaar editor, Glenda Bailey, at a recent party. Bazaar almost never features his clothing, and the magazine had promised to feature Zac’s designs if he agreed to do a photo shoot with The Count from Sesame Street, but he wasn’t thrilled about the idea. He’s received mixed reactions about it, some who say he should be grateful for any opportunity, and some who say he did the right thing by standing up for himself.

I think that Zac did the right thing, and he’ll be alright in the end — he has an upcoming diffusion line (Z-Spoke) and a Target collaboration that looks really promising, so he’s staying busy! If you were in Zac’s shoes, what would you do?

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i hope all goes well for him :]
such a good designer and :[ to have this little obstacle holding him from focusing

I love Target collaborations.

I remember Zac Posen’s cameo on the shortlived CW show “The Beautiful Life.” The show was horrible & I thought it was beneath him but it’s leaps and bounds above a photo shoot with the Count. I respect the man and I hope things get better for him.

buttack5 said: wow to go from runway to target

It’s actually a really good thing — he still does runway shows, but to do a collaboration with Target gets your name out to lots of people who might not otherwise know who you are :)

wow to go from runway to target


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