When it comes to style, Elle Magazine’s senior style director Kate Lanphear, is hands down on my list of top 10 style icons. I’m not alone in my La Lanphear worship — in the last few years, she’s attained something of a cult following in Japan and a legion of copyKates throughout Europe. Her style is androgynistic but femme at the same time as a result of the precision and utter care in her choice of spiked and studded accessories and fetish-like footwear. One word to describe her would be fierce. In fact, she often looks like she could cut a bitch.

As someone who is known for fashion and constantly being photographed by the fashion paparazzi, it’s really rare to hear her…speak. You’ll be surprised to find that her manner of speaking and the way she talks is completely opposite that of the way she looks. Check out this interview with Alexa Chung:

Don’t get me wrong, I am no stranger to the over-use of the word ‘like,’ ‘uh,’ or ’sparkle.’ I’m just surprised that such an international style icon like Kate Lanphear, like totally, talks like me. Like, that’s totally cool.

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i love the sailor tenis dress ha ha adorable

JeanKhut said:

I thought she was going to have a voice similar to Demi Moore’s. That was a bit disappointing. u_u

Yeah, me too!

I thought she was going to have a voice similar to Demi Moore’s. That was a bit disappointing. u_u


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